The Man Who Would Be Tsar


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Table of Contents

The Man Who Would Be Tsar

It’s Not Always Good to Be the King (or His Kin)

The Split in the Romanov Family

Romanov Genealogy

The Russian Royal Family, 1991

The Other “Romanovs”

The Case of HIH Vladimir Kirillovich vs. K. K. Weymarn

The Fundamental Laws

What’s A Romanov: Ebenbürtigkeit

What’s A Romanov: Permission To Marry

What’s A Romanov: Orthodoxy

Weymarn’s Charges Against Kirill Vladimirovich’s Claim

Responses to Weymarn: Kirill

Weymarn’s Charges Against Vladimir Kirillovich’s Claim

Responses to Weymarn: Vladimir

Problems with the Claims of the Other So-Called Romanovs

Vladimir Kirillovich and Georgii Mikhailovich

Author: Westminster College


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