The Imperial Russian Succession

One of the more interesting, and non-traditional, projects I have had the pleasure to work on is the question of the Russian Imperial succession: who would be tsar today, if there was one? I am currently working on a the question of the Russian law of succession (sometimes called the Pauline Law, after its author, Emperor Paul I), and how that law has been interpreted and enforced in the centuries after its promulgation in the late eighteenth century. I have also investigated the controversies in the Russian emigre community after the 1917 revolution, as well as the disputes between the various claimants to the Russian throne. The resources in the table below pertain mainly to the question of the current state of the Russian succession. They support mainly the view that the claims of HIH Mariia Vladimirovna are well-founded, and that the answer to the question, "Who would be tsar (or tsaritsa) today, if there was one?" is clear, if not simple: she would be.

on the Russian

Dr. Russell E. Martin