In the event of an emergency this page will provide alert information and updates regarding the incident.

The Westminster College Emergency Alert System will be used to communicate information through one or more of the following campus systems:
  1. Cisco IP Phones live messages with two-way intercom communication capability;

  2. Computer generated alerts:
    1. An all-campus computer email sent to all computers logged into the network;
    2. Emails to active addresses registered in the college's Regroup Mass Notification;

  3. Annunciator Horns - Currently located in all residence hall main lobbies, on the Old Main Tower, Boat House (South East end of Burry Stadium) and within the lower levels of Hoyt Science Center and McGill Library. Horns will provide real-time voice alerts and instructions to the campus community;

  4. - Registered Profiles will receive text messages and emails with informative and instructional information for emergencies occurring within the campus community;

The Emergency Preparedness page will be accessible from the homepage.

Students are encouraged to refer parents, guardians or other family members to the Emergency Preparedness website. The website will provide them with updated information in the event of a campus emergency.