My Courses at Westminster

I teach the following courses at Westminster:

BC 111- Broadcast Writing

BC 251- Video Production

BC 253 (Com 205)- Mass Communications

BC 308- Television Producing

BC 311- Broadcast Journalism I

BC 312- Broadcast Journalism II

BC 601 & 602- Broadcast Communications Capstone

Courses I team teach with CSTA Chair David Barner, Ed.D.:

BC 302- Radio and Television Announcing
BC 410 (Special Topic)- Commercial Production

The BC Practicum & BC Internships:

I supervise students for BC 120-B & BC 120-D working weekly, regular schedules in radio news and television production. I also oversee students engaged in a variety of internships ranging from positions at local radio and television newsrooms to television network news programs.  I also supervise the newsroom management staff comprised of our best and brightest students.