Video Production 2007

BC 251
205 Thompson-Clark Hall

Course Description: Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of television production. Students obtain experiences in camera operation, audio, lighting, and editing procedures in correlated laboratory sessions. Participation in cable television productions is required. Lab required.

Course Outcomes:
  • Study & use basic technical and aesthetic functions of the video camera operations.
  • Study & use basic ENG jargon.
  • Study & use off-line production and editing fundamentals.
  • Study & use of studio cameras and develop primary skills in studio productions.
  • Incorporate all production basics into finished video products for use on The Westminster Cable Network.
  • Actively work as part of a production team to take an idea and transform it into a finished product that communicates amessage to an audience.
  • Train with and develop skills using nonlinear, digital editing with Adobe Premiere Pro software.

E-mail- E-mail is a requirement for this class. You must read my e-mails and you must respond accordingly. This is how I communicate with you and the preferred method you will use during the semester to communicate with me. Your Westminster account will serve you well. However, if you wish to use an alternate Yahoo Mail or other account, please notify me immediately in order for me to adjust my e-mail address book.

Policy against CHEATING- Students in this course are expected to abide by Westminster’s academic integrity policies. All your work must be genuine, original and properly credited. This means that academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Students who engage in academic dishonesty (fabrication/cheating/plagiarism/etc.) are subject to Westminster’s disciplinary penalties in addition to automatically failing this course.

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to:
  • fabricating or falsifying interviews, video, audio, air checks, live reports, etc.
  • misrepresentation of audio, video or printed materials
  • failure to credit cast and crew for work and assistance of audio and video projects
  • failure to cite/credit original sources in written works or in presentations
  • cheating
  • plagiarism
  • collusion
  • providing false or misleading information to receive a postponement or an extension on assignments and deadlines
  • any act designed to give an unfair advantage to any student or the attempt to commit such acts.

Equipment Use
Unlike many other colleges and universities or even other departments here at Westminster, the Broadcast Communications Department has chosen not to burden you with additional lab fees nor does it require you to purchase materials such as videotape. Using equipment in the broadcast communications lab and in The Westminster Cable Network studios is not a right, but a privilege. If you abuse or neglect the gear, your privileges will be suspended or terminated. You will also be billed for the repair or replacement of damaged or lost equipment. Please be responsible and take care of the gear. When using the field equipment, you will be in charge of signing in and out and reporting any problems or damage immediately. In order to obtain the privilege of using the department equipment, you must sign a user agreement and waiver, which will remain on file with the department while you attend Westminster. You will follow all established protocol when using the equipment.

Equipment Reservations: DVC Pro cameras and edit stations are reserved for you and your lab partners on your assigned lab days and times. You must reserve equipment before checking it out. You must also return it and check it in following established protocol. You will need additional reservations to complete assignments. Dates and gear are limited, so reserve early. . Edit station reservations are available during regular “building” hours.

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