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AMS (American Mathematical Society)
    MAA (Mathematical Association of America)
        We are members of the Allegheny Mountain Section
    SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
KME (Kappa Mu Epsilon, an undergraduate organization)
PME (Pi Mu Epsilon, an undergraduate organization)
COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications)
    Clay Mathematics Institute (home of the million dollar problems)
    AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics)

(American Institute of Mathematics)
NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
    INFORMS (Operations Research and Management Science)
    ASA (American Statistical Association)
Computer Science
    ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

2013 AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings
National Conferences on Undergraduate Research

Council on Undergraduate Research
PME Conference at YSU

Summer and Travel Opportunities
NSF REU program (Research Experiences for Undergraduates)
    Main Page
    Math REUs
PCMI Summer Program (Park City Mathematics Institute, Utah)

SMP (Summer math program at Carleton College)
Carnegie Mellon Summer Undergraduate Applied Math Institute
Summer Math Institute (Cornell)
RIPS (Research in Industrial Projects for Students--UCLA)

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics
Math in Moscow
Penn State MASS program

University of Nebraska IMMERSE

Career and internship information

Nonacademic math career information
Applied mathematics career information from SIAM
When will I use Math? from BYU
Statistics career information from ASA (American Statistical Association)
Actuarial careers
Operations Research and Management Science
Federal government jobs


MathSciNet (database of reviews of research papers) > math (searchable archive of research papers)
    Mathematics Magazine and College Math Journal search engine
    Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
  (An online number theory journal)
    Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal
    SIAM Undergraduate Research Online
    Harvard College Mathematics Review
Westminster library online search and JSTOR
On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Experimental Mathematics
Math Overflow
(forum for research problems)
TSP (Traveling Salesman Problem website at GA Tech)
Mathworld (online reference)

How to write mathematics: Terence Tao, Ashley Reiter, Martin Erickson, Gopen & Swan
How to give a technical talk: Jordan Ellenberg, Joseph Gallian, Michael Ernst, Mark Hill, Jonathan Shewchuk
                    "Technically speaking" videos (demonstrations of good and bad talk techniques)
LaTeX: Short math guide, MikTeX, Symbol list
, Cheat sheet

Computer Algebra Systems
SAGE (free, online, open source)
    Maple (available in the computer labs)
Online Tools
    WolframAlpha (search engine and online CAS)
Mathematica Online Integrator
    Mod P Calculator
    R (free, open source)
    StatCrunch (cheap)
Graphing Calculators
TI graphing calculator information

Contests, problems, and puzzles
COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)
American Mathematics Competitions (home of the Putnam Exam)
Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest
PME problems
Brainfreeze puzzles
Jaap's Puzzle Page

    Math podcasts from the MAA
The Math Factor (Chaim Goodman-Strauss, University of Arkansas)
    Math Mutation
    Strongly connected components
Music and Theatre
    Matheatre (Calculus: The Musical!)
    KleinFour (a capella)

Math Genealogy Project ("Family tree" of math Ph.D's)
    -Mathematical Relationships Search

Plus Magazine
Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Math (news)
Math fun facts at Harvey Mudd College
Pearls of Wisdom
Unpractical Math
Origami Mathematics