Nobody Understands Me


from Sandra Boynton's Philadelphia Chickens

sung by Meryl Streep


Nobody understands me,

although I wish they would.

Nobody understands me.

I hate being misunderstood. 1


Nobody understands me,

no matter how I try.

Nobody understands me,

and I can’t understand why.


When I think of all the glorble snop

I’ve tried so hard to explain!

They all look amused,

or a little confused.

Why can’t they see what I mean?

(It’s very snooffly.)






Nobody understands me,

though memmily blitt each day.

Nobody understands me,

but I guess zooglobble that way.


How can I make you understand?

How can I make you see?

Why does my queckery biffle you so?

Where will this ezzleboo dornut go?

What do explectionary inuews know?

When will you yuddle for me?


Nobody beezifies me.

Nobody febbin ud.

Kibblezy deen voo nizee!

I hate being misunderstood.




1. Could be heard as "Miss Understood"?