Courses Taught

The majority of courses that I teach fall into three general catagories; introductory biology, molecular genetics, and the liberal arts, but these three groupings should not be viewed as mutually exclusive. The courses that I teach often utilize methods and concepts from mutliple disciplines and perspectives, enriching the learning experience for both the student as well as the instructor.


Courses for students majoring In biology or molecular biology

BIO 201  Foundation of Biology I: Cell Biology and Genetics.

BIO 202  Foundations of Biology II: Evolution, Form, and Function.

BIO 303  Molecular Genetics and Heredity.

BIO 401  Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology.

BIO 520/521 Biology Travel Course: Ecology of Ecuador.   (This course has been team-taught with Dr. Joseph Balczon and involves a full semester of course work at Westminster followed by 2-3 weeks of travel within Ecuador; the rainforests, Andean Highlands, and Galapagos Islands.)

BIO 601/602  Biology Capstone.


Courses for non-majors

INQ 111  Introduction to a Liberal Arts Education.

BIO 101  Concepts of Biology.

BIO 108  Designer Genes Cluster: Science and Ethics of the Huamn Genome Project.  (This course is part of a Cluster. Students must register for this course in conjunction with Genetics and Literature [ENG 137], taught by Bethany Hicok.)


Courses in hibernation

Cell and Molecular Biology

Cloning: Fact vs. Fiction



Cell Biology