The 2010 Conference will be held
March 26-28 at
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The North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and Philosophy is organized by Westminster College, PA and St. Francis University, PA with the support of the North American Association for the Study of Religion, the Consortium for Educational Resources on Islamic Studies, and the Heinz Lecture Series at Westminster. Any inquiries should be addressed to Bryan Rennie (e-mail) or the co-organizers Arthur Remillard (e-mail) and David Goldberg (e-mail).

The 2010 Conference has not yet been organized.
Here is the schedule of events from the 2008 Conference
All events were in the Lakeview Witherspoon Room of the McKelvey Student Center or the Mueller Theater
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Friday, March 7th
Ø Business meeting of attending faculty to discuss the conference, particularly the criteria for judging the student presentations

Guest Lecturer
Ø Robert Abernethy, Host of PBS's Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly
"Talking About Religion"

Socrates Café
Ø Student-led discussion following Robert Abernethy's talk, with the participation of Robert Abernethy and Justin Barret

Saturday, March 8th
Session One
Ø Knut Melvaer, The University of Bergen , Norway
  “Salvaging the Savage: Talking about Primitive Religion”
Ø Justin Lane , The University of Vermont
  “David Koresh: the Omega Alpha”
Ø Veronica Geretz, Westminster College

Guest Lecturer
Ø Justin Barrett, Senior Researcher at Oxford University's Centre for Anthropology and Mind
“Cognitive Science of Religion: What is it and Why Does it Matter?”

Session Two-A
Ø Amanda Miller, Westminster College
“Gender Roles within the Church”
Ø Natalie Suzelis, Carlow University
“Waiting for Free Will: Existentialism's Roots in Hellenism and Christianity”
Ø Ian Butcher, St. Francis University
“Who was Tituba”
Ø David Nowakowsi, Saint Vincent College
“Interreligious Dialogue as Invitation to Conversion”

Session Two-B (Location TBA)
Ø Anastasia Wypasek, St. Francis University
“Polish Romanticism, 1795-1863: Creating a National Identity through Messianism and Christian Universalism”
Ø Zoe Anthony, Westminster College
“Eastern Orthodoxy in Current Study”
Ø Ronald Baumiller, Duquesne University
Del Sentimiento Trágico de la Vida and die Ewige Wiederkehr : an Essay Concerning the Immortality of the Soul”
Ø Dawid Karapuda, Mercyhurst College
“The Mystic's Mind in an Extended Examination: How Knowledge, Health and the Good Merge”

1:45–2:45 Lunch

Session Three
Ø Douglas Alan Robinson, The University of Vermont
“Ritual, Relics, and Cognitive Theorizing: Reflections on Method in an Emerging Wissenschaft
Ø Robin Zheng, Washington and Lee University
“The Universe as Explained (and Unexplainable) by Science”
Ø Yufanyi Nshom, The University of Pittsburgh
"Islam in North Africa”

Session Four
Ø Rennie Greenfield, Westminster College
“The Celluloid Campfire: Implicit Religion and Film”
Ø Amber Thompson, Waynesburg University
“The Problem of Suffering in Judaism and Buddhism”
Ø Ian Pike, Emmanuel College (Boston)
“The Desire Paradox: Suffering, Salvation and Puritan Mysticism in Paradise Lost

Awards Dinner

Socrates Café
Ø Student-led discussion of the proposed topic and emerging themes of the conference

Sunday, March 9
Faculty Consultations
Ø Attending faculty members will be available to discuss their areas of expertise with students and others.

Lunch & Closing Comments


Articles and Information About the Conference:
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