A Proposed Anthology of Papers on:


The International Eliade

Growing out of two Symposium sessions at:


XVIII Quinquennial Congress:
Durban, 5-12 August 2000

The following scholars have contributed to the current volume of essays:

Antonio Barbosa daSilva
Ulrich Berner
Elena Borta
Chung Chin Hong
Wilhelm Dancă
Mircea Itu
Michel Meslin
J. G. Muthuraj
Okuyama Michiaki
Katerina Lund Ore
Brigitte Ouellet
Bryan Rennie
Arvind Sharma
Natale Spineto
Philip Vanhaelemeersch
Pablo Wright and César Ceriani Cernadas

The description of the symposia was as follows:

Bryan S. Rennie
Westminster College, PA

The Eighteenth Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions, which is held every five years, is to take place in Durban, South Africa in August of the year 2000. Its general theme is "Visions and Origins in the History of Religions." As is usual for academic conferences, there will be panels of scholars presenting papers selected from competing applications on topics within the theme. There will also be symposia, two hours in length, involving about ten scholars. They will consist of the presentation of work expected to result in independent publications.

This symposium is provisionally entitled "Mircea Eliade’s Vision and Our Present Understanding of Religion." A recently published volume of essays, Changing Religious Worlds: The Meaning and End of Mircea Eliade (ed. Bryan Rennie, the State University of New York Press, 2001) considers the significance and influence of Eliade for the History of Religions from the viewpoint of Anglo-American scholars (see http://www.westminster.edu/staff/brennie/eliade/antholog.htm)

The proposed second volume will contain essays from the international community of scholars outside the Anglo-American arena. I am interested in contributions from the entire global community outside the Anglo-American West.

The publication will not be a "festschrift" for Eliade. My intention is that it will be a balanced consideration of Eliade’s significance. Given the currently divided state of evaluations of Eliade, I specifically invite contributions from scholars whose assessments are negative and those who are positive. Papers of about 25 pages (around 6,000 words) will be invited and about fifteen papers will be published. The final language of publication, and the official language of the Congress, is English. Translations from most languages can be arranged, but contributors are very much encouraged to produce their papers in English or to provide their own translations. There is, as yet, no timetable for contributions. Such details will emerge as the organization progresses. Although no publication is ever guaranteed until a contract is signed, I believe that we can be confident of the publication of this collection because of its global interest and the high standard of the scholars already involved.

The symposium was an opportunity for contributors from all over the world to meet and discuss their analyses of the significance of Eliade’s terms and ideas and the influence of his vision on the origins of the History of Religion. Papers were completed in advance and circulated among the contributors. The symposium itself consisted of brief presentations (about 1,000 words) of the principal argument of selected papers and an ensuing chaired discussion.

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Bryan Rennie