Changing Religious Worlds: The Meaning and End of Mircea Eliade
Edited by Bryan Rennie

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SUNY Press, 2001

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This book assesses Mircea Eliade's contribution to the contemporary understanding of religion and the academic study of religion from the Anglo-American perspective.

Changing Religious Worlds measures the nature and significance of Mircea Eliade's contribution to the understanding and academic study of religion in North America today. It includes the perspectives of the continent's leading experts on Eliade and his thought, both critical and supportive. It also includes previously unpublished fiction and journal entries from Eliade himself. The book ponders whether it is time to leave Eliade behind or whether we can yet learn from either his insights or his errors, and whether the changing world has left Eliade behind or whether it is finally catching up with him. Particular consideration is given to whether Eliade makes any lasting contribution to our ability to deal with the changing face of religion and the ability to "change over" into the religious world of the other and to see through the eyes of the other.

"A collection of essays of this variety and caliber is an important part of the ongoing recognition, controversy, and influence of Eliade." -- Robert N. Minor, The University of Kansas

"This book is a timely discussion of Eliade's legacy to the study of myth, religious history and philosophy, and literature, from a variety of points of view. There is much value to the critical approaches included in this book." -- Matei Calinescu, Indiana University, Bloomington

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Contributors and Contents

Douglas Allen
Wendell Beane
David Cave
Roger Corless
Allan W. Larsen
Norman Girardot
Robert Segal
Russell McCutcheon
Tim Murphy
Carl Olson
William Paden
Mac Linscott Ricketts
Bryan Rennie
Mircea Eliade
Rachela Permenter

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Volume Two: The International Assessment.

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