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 Earth Day 5k Run/Walk--
April 30, 2011
Nicole car 5k
Group marking paint
The solar car travels up Nicole's homemade ramp.
A group of volunteers are ready to mark the course.
Clarence ready to go
children's crafts
Clarence instructs to volunteers on how to drive the gator.
Children participate in crafts to learn about the earth.

 POBS Banquet--
April 29, 2011
Banquet Display
Display 2 banquet
The SuSIM display at the POBS banquet.
Another photo of the display at the POBS banquet.
Dr Kennedy
Nicole instructing banquet
Nicole explains the principles of SuSIM to Dr. Kennedy.
Nicole explains the solar car to another man at the banquet.
Nicole posing car
The solar powered house and solar powered car.
Nicole poses with the solar powered car.
Cassie Nicole banquet
Dr B speaking
Nicole and Cassie pose with the display.
Dr. Boylan speaking about solar energy at the banquet.

URAC-- April 27, 2011
URAC display
Display 2 URAC
The display at URAC.
Another photo of the display at URAC.
Lights URAC
Side display
The solar powered house, fan, and car.
A side photo of the display.
People URAC
Nicole explains SuSIM to visitors.
Zach talks about SuSIM to a fellow student.
Overall display
Group URAC
The student assistants talk to Dr. Armstead.
The student assistants pose with the SuSIM display.

Bear Tree Workshop-- March 26, 2011
Nicole kid Hunt 1
Nicole George instructs a child about a solar powered radio. Children set out on a solar energy scavenger hunt.
Hunt 2 Children inside
A mom helps her child find items during the scavenger hunt. Children experiment with the solar energy education kits.
cars Display at Bear Tree
Children learn how to construct a solar powered car. The SuSIM display at the Bear Tree event.
child house boy car
A young girl learns about the mechanisms of a solar powered room. A young boy shows off the solar powered car that he built.
car race kids race outside
Two children race their solar powered cars. Many children were excited to race their solar powered cars.

PAEE Conference-- March 18, 2011
Display at PAEE Conference Display right
The SuSIM display at the PAEE Conference. The right display panel and solar powered walkway light.
Left panels Cassie display
The left display panel and the solar powered room. Cassie Treshok poses with the SuSIM display.

Env Student Symposium-- December 2, 2010
Symposium 2010 1 Zach symposium
The SuSIM display (far left) at the Symposium. Zach explains our display to visitors.
Award winners
Cassie Treshok (far right) accepts an honorable mention award for the SuSIM display.

Teacher's Workshop-- October 23, 2010
house workshop Instructing group
Solar house on display at the fall teacher's workshop. Dr. Boylan and student assistants prepare for workshop.
Dr. B opening marks Clarence
Dr. Boylan gives opening remarks at the workshop. Clarence introduces the Field Station.
teachers quiz Teachers quiz 2
Teachers work on a group quiz. More teachers work on the group quiz.
Dr. Armstead panel Back of panel
Dr. Armstead explains how solar panels work. Inverter helps to convert DC to AC.
Panels Roof Inverter
Solar panels on top of a building at the Field Station. Connections on back of the solar panel.
Stations Stations 2
Nicole explains a solar lesson available to teachers. Zach demonstrates the solar car.

 Homecoming Workshop--
October 9, 2010
 house website
Inside house
Solar house displayed at our homecoming table.
Zach & Kevin discuss the benefits of solar energy.
Nicole car
Nicole battery car
The solar cooker used to cook s'mores. Nicole explaining the battery-operated car.

Sustainability in Motion is Funded by PA Department of Environmental Protection,
Environmental Education Grants Program
With support from the Drinko Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Westminster College
And Westminster College’s Science in Motion Program

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